The Cyberspace Has Invaded My Laundry Room

Adolfo Ramírez Corona
5 min readAug 25, 2021


I’m writing this in a very unusual, exceptional, and unprecedented space. Well, if you compare it with our daily lives before the great pandemic of 2020.

Unusual because at the same time I’m typing on my computer I’m recording the session to share it with my online students and then to post it on some social network.

This means that I have a video camera pointing to my face and a screen recording app pointing to my words.

Sounds cool except because is not. To be affected by the coronavirus you have to be in physical contact with infected persons.

But to be affected by the eyes of the internet it doesn’t matter where you are.

That’s how space has changed for me and some of us.

Physicists say time modifies space. Well, I say, video modifies space. It even creates a new space.

Photo by Ernest Ojeh on Unsplash


I’m at home, in my new office. I’m working in the laundry room, next to the washing and dryer machines.

This is a new home for us. My family — my wife, my two daughters, and I — moved in the middle of the pandemic. We were living in an apartment. A good place if you are not there all the time.

But with the lockdown we were all in the same space all the time — taking classes, giving classes, working, living, laughing, crying. And the place was in a very centric area of the city. So, it was expensive. Not if you have good work and you need to live close to your job or clients. But if you are going to spend most of the time online, there is no need to pay that.

I lost my job and we were broke anyway.

Now we are living in a house, a little but beautiful house far away from downtown. It’s great because we have more space to coexist and do all the different activities that require some privacy.

But no matter we are living in a house, I’m working in the laundry room.

The reason? Well, in this new situation we don’t need one home office to work, but four different home offices to work, study, take classes, give classes… One for my wife, one for each of my two daughters, and one for me.



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