Instead of prompting ChatGPT, I made ChatGPT prompt me

Using AI generative languages to find your soul

Adolfo Ramírez Corona
6 min readJun 24, 2023


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Image from DALL-E by OpenAI

Using ChatGPT or similar generative AI tools to answer questions and even ‘write’ content pieces is a great resource. Its support reaches a wide spectrum that goes from getting simple data or information to computing vast amounts of structured text. It can ‘write’ for you.

You already know, ChatGPT can substitute the type of writing that consists only in crafting content for informative or instructional purposes, for example.

For me, what was interesting is if ChatGPT could help me to write more and better the kind of writing that, on the one hand, only I can write (because of my knowledge and experience on the subject), and on the other, that I enjoy writing (because I like the experience of writing).

What I’m sharing today with you is how I’m using ChatGPT the other way around — instead of prompting it, I make it prompt me.

Or, in other words, instead of making it write for you, make it make you write.

So, what I wanted was to have writing prompts. Good quality writing prompts. Personalized writing prompts. Questions that could challenge me to think and write about.

Andrew, this is ChatGPT… ChatGPT, this…



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