Don’t Have Time or Energy? Look Again

Most of the time, I don’t have time or energy. And the productivity hacks out there don’t work. Why?

Adolfo Ramírez Corona
6 min readOct 29, 2019


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Today, I read productivity tips and methods, from how to write more or better to how to become a millionaire in X time, and most of them seem very out of reality. I mean, almost all of them. And out of my reality, of course.

That didn’t happen before. I used to read and apply a lot of them and I can tell that I developed a very productive workflow that brought me a very respectable career in very different areas like writing, systems development, market and audience research, operations manager and TV executive. I was in control.

But at some point in my ascending career, I had a very personal and spiritual transformation and decided to make a change in my life. I wanted a family. And not just have a family but be a family. Live a family life, enjoy a family.

Yes, you can have a family and, according to most of the productivity hacks out there, schedule time with your loved ones and work better and more at the same time. In other words, you can have control. Well, not really.

I started the family journey a little bit late in my life because I’ve been a little bit late in my life in general (that’s another story) and because of a failed first marriage without kids.

So I met my second and current wife when I was forty-five years old and she was thirty-four. She already had a daughter for whom I did not just become a stepfather but her second father. And for me, she’s my daughter, without adjectives.

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Then our youngest one was born. Today, our daughters are thirteen and three years old (yes, ten years separated from each other!). Our extended family is out of the country or too old to help us. Basically, we are on our own.

So, here is where the struggle with time arrives. And chaos. Not just because of the situation per se but because at some point, I decided what things are important, what are interchangeable, and what are not negotiable.



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