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  • Erica Verrillo

    Erica Verrillo

    Helping writers get published and bolstering their flagging spirits at http://publishedtodeath.blogspot.com/

  • Sanat Dutta

    Sanat Dutta

    An amateur photographer who uses Data Science, Machine Learning & Automation to make his life easier. See my work at instagram.com/sanatoverhere

  • Michelle Mac

    Michelle Mac

    Follow me to learn about creation, design, and productivity. Start here: https://heymichellemac.com/

  • TfTHacker


    Hacking Tools for Thought

  • Frank Font

    Frank Font

    Unconventional, people-first collaborative high-energy inclusive software creation, mentoring, planning, and related contributions. Fun is in the best formulas.

  • Ivo Velitchkov

    Ivo Velitchkov

    Consultant, Author, Speaker; interested in complexity, and knowledge graphs. Blog: http://www.strategicstructures.com. Book: http://www.essentialbalances.com

  • Robert Thibadeau

    Robert Thibadeau

    Carnegie Mellon University since 1979 — Cognitive Science, AI, Machine Learning, one of the founding Directors of the Robotics Institute. rht@brightplaza.com

  • Vincenzo Elifani

    Vincenzo Elifani

    Writing about topics at the intersection of philosophy and psychology.

  • Cato Minor

    Cato Minor

    Just a humble Roaman duck.

  • Gaby Goldberg

    Gaby Goldberg

    Investor at TCG Crypto. Alum @Stanford. Follow me @gaby_goldberg.

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