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Author, psychotherapist, coach—Human behavior, UX, media & audiences—Father, husband, meditator—Courses & coaching:—More
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About Adolfo Ramírez Corona

Adolfo is a writer, thinker, psychotherapist, media and audience specialist, but overall, he defines himself as a father, husband, meditator, and lover of the present.— He has been a teacher, photographer, manager, trainer, facilitator, market and audience researcher, web developer, systems designer, project manager, technology auditor and consultant, content creator, entrepreneur.— He has been involved in different projects and businesses in hospitality and tourism, retail and wholesale trade, journalism, systems development, television content and programing, universities, startups, app development and launching, product design and development, marketing, content creation, and publishing.— He is the author of 'We are not Shakespeare in Quarantine', between other books. He regularly publishes his ideas in UX Collective, Concepts Against Reality, In Age of Awareness, The Start Up, Towards Data Science, and The Writing Cooperative.— Teaching writing & tools for thought at Find him at

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