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Author, psychotherapist, coach—Human behavior, UX, media and audiences—Father, husband, meditator—Courses at

The key to a successful remote work or distance learning system is to accomplish the autonomy of its agents.

The variations of expression

By Leonardo da Vinci — Louvre info RMN image uploaded without further processing., Public Domain

O writer with what letters can you convey the entire figuration with such perfection as drawing gives us here?
—Leonardo Da Vinci, Notebooks On Anatomy

Two contrasting forms to approach a challenge

I was wrong. We all were wrong.

Photo by Amélie Mourichon on Unsplash

The singularities of space and time within Roam Research

Nietzsche Faksimile KGW IX 1 3 N VII 1

Or how to grow a digital jungle

«I myself, while writing these lines, try to avoid the tyranny of a precise and explicit plan, drawing from an opaque source inside me that gives me surprises.»
— Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Antifragile

Ants are better than organs

Writing on the graph

Traditional digital writing

Or how to be a phrase-thinker

Or what is the difference between a library and a forest

Adolfo Ramírez Corona

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