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I’ll never know what I don’t know, but I can know what is to experience the unknown

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Clarity. That’s the word that comes to mind when in the middle of overwhelming problems I ask myself, what do I want?

Not whiteness, nothing completely blank, but just clarity.

Clarity in the middle of darkness. Why do we associate our difficult moments with darkness?

Clarity’s what rises from those…

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Word processors, text editors, outliners… and still exploring

Once upon a time

Once upon a time, you needed to write something.

You have been looking for a good place to write down your ideas, notes, and discoveries, to keep track of your plans and projects, tasks, persons, readings, or any other kind of list.

There are plenty of very good apps for…


I’m writing this in a very unusual, exceptional, and unprecedented space. Well, if you compare it with our daily lives before the great pandemic of 2020.

Unusual because at the same time I’m typing on my computer I’m recording the session to share it with my online students and then…

Or the trend to find a note-taking app that takes notes for you

The easy way

These days, it looks like we are living in the quest to design and build the ultimate frictionless experience. From boarding into an airplane to configuring an app, through shopping online or playing music, everything seems to be around getting a frictionless experience.

This trend can go to extremes. In…

Adolfo Ramírez Corona

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