Building a writing that gains from disorder

This is part of the course I have been writing and designing, Antifragile Writing with Roam Research, for the groundbreaking and rising The first beta iteration of the course starts next January, and following the philosophy, it’s a community-driven, cohort-based, small group of peers composed, online course. Go ahead and check. You may like it.

Fragile is the property of things that aren’t good with any kind of stressors. Glass is fragile.

Resilience is the property of things that can go back to its original state after a stressor is applied. Metal is resilient.

Robust is the property of things that resist stressors. A stone is robust. …

Or what is the difference between a library and a forest

[…] does an incredible job as a note-taking, brainstorming, information-gathering tool, working much like your brain does to allow you to capture, link, and organize ideas in a flash. It really shines as an IA tool. It allows you to quickly prototype maps of information, establishing links between ideas (or pages or nodes), sites, or other files.*

Sounds good, right? Well, this description is not for Roam. It’s a review written in 2002 for a great app called Tinderbox. Yep, 2002. And everything in the review is true.

Roam Research is not the first app that tries to be the definitive note-taking app. Tinderbox is a very good app. …

The pursuit of success is time-oriented — you draw a line from your past to an ideal future. A fragile line depending on events and obstacles.

That’s opposite to the…

Against what my teachers and Aristotle taught me, via negativa is one of the most powerful forms of thinking for learning and making decisions. Some examples.

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When you choose a career, for example, you decide through via negativa, especially in nonconventional careers. You can’t exactly know what your career is about because you haven’t course it.

Ask any new student to define what her career goes about and ask them again when they have finished it or if they are working on it. No way she could know what was it about. But she knew what it wasn’t.

When you create or produce something you sometimes need to use via negativa. …

No, it’s not about the backlinks

Some say it is a note-taking app with the power of backlinks. Others say that its main distinction is its transclusion properties. There is who says that the outline is the core of its mechanism. Or the unlinked references. The graph visualization. The networked thoughts. The potential to build a second thought. The free-form supporting the emerging structure.

Let me differ. The reason why Roam is a game-changer app in its category is the graph database. No, not the graph visualization of your notes. A graph database is a very technical concept. …

Let’s talk about those days where you awake without alarms, headaches, nightmares, or after a night of insomnia. Those strange days where you just spontaneously awake from having a good and nice sleep.

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Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

Let’s go to the moment you’re awakening. You’re only minutes, maybe seconds away from being unconscious. Completely unconscious. You’re confused. Even if it’s for an instant but you’re living the confusion of awakening, the confusion derived from a transition — from unconsciousness to consciousness.

Some questions arise. Where am I? What happened? What was I doing? What time is it? What day is it? This may happen only for an instant before you answer them, of course, especially if you are on your bed at home. …

As a life changer exercise, try to replace the word “thinking” with the word “learning” every time you use it and perceive the difference.

Learning is thinking, thinking is learning. The best thinkers and problem solvers are the best at learning because thinking is the way we call learning when we think by ourselves.

The problem with the use of the word “thinking” is that puts our ego in the way.

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Learning implies humility. “I don’t know, that’s why I’m learning”.

But thinking implies knowledge. “I know, that’s why I’m thinking”.

Like when a math problem is presented to you and you see it and say “I know how to do it”. “I know the formula to this”. …

Writing down or sharing your dreams is one of the best writing and communication exercises you can practice.

And better, it’s a good antidote for alienation.

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Photo by Andreas Wagner on Unsplash

When you tell a dream you know you have to explain everything. You know your reader or listener wasn’t there in your dream so you have not only told but show.

When you tell a story of the world around you, most of the time you assume that your reader or listener knows what you are talking about.

We are always thinking — non intentionally — that everybody is looking at the same world we are looking at. Now with social networks, we assume that everybody is looking at the same timeline or feed of news or posts. …

Against common sense, inspiration doesn’t precede writing — inspiration comes with writing, while writing, sometimes even, after writing.

The same goes for other forms of creative expressions.

Inspiration needs some…


Adolfo Ramírez Corona

Author, psychotherapist, coach—Human behavior, UX, media and audiences—Father, husband, meditator—New book: We Are Not Shakespeare in Quarantine

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